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Thermal Binoculars: The Perfect Choice for Outdoor Adventurers | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
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See Beyond the Invisible with Pulsar…

A pair of Pulsar thermal imaging binoculars is without-a-doubt the go-to device for lovers of outdoor exploration and adventure. Retaining the design aesthetics of a pair of conventional daytime binoculars, Pulsar’s range of thermal imaging binoculars offer a sense of the familiar when in-hand, not to mention incredible levels of comfort over long periods of observation.

The outstanding thermal detection ranges and exceptionally clear thermal imagery achieved by these devices allows users to spot even the smallest heat signature at great distances, regardless of adverse weather conditions.

Thermal imaging binoculars can be used at any time of day. Creating an image based on heat signatures, these devices will produce stunning, high resolutions thermal imagery regardless of whether they are used in daylight or total darkness.

Powerful Optics

Each pair of thermal imaging binoculars in the Pulsar range features a highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor and an extremely powerful fast aperture germanium objective lens to provide detection ranges that reach, in some models, up to 2300m!

Built-In Laser Rangefinders

Integrated precision laser rangefinders are included with each pair thermal imaging binoculars, facilitating accurate distance measurements between the user and an observed object or animal at a range of up to 1000m, with an accuracy of ±1m — allowing users to stay well-informed at all times whilst out in the field.

Designed for Comfort

With dual eyepieces, thermal imaging binoculars take into consideration the reduction of eye strain experienced when receiving visual information through two separate channels simultaneously; offering a better performance in low contrast scenarios than would be experienced whilst using a single-channel thermal monocular, and therefore enabling fatigue-free observation over extended periods of time.

Each device in the thermal imaging binocular range has been designed to remain lightweight, with some devices made more compact to reduce the weight of the device even further. Take for example the Merger LRF XQ35; designed with the modern bird watcher in mind, these thermal imaging binoculars feature a bodyshell more commonly found in smaller daytime binoculars — achieving the easier storage and transportation capabilities that a bird watcher or nature observer needs out in the field.

Rugged, Durable, and Ready to Resist the Elements

With magnesium alloy bodyshells and IPX7 protection ratings, Pulsar’s range of thermal imaging binoculars ensures users can achieve the best possible performance from their device, regardless of any challenging weather or unfavourable environmental conditions. The magnesium alloy bodyshell is capable of resisting harsh knocks, scrapes, and droppages; while the IPX7 protection rating means each device is waterproof and submersible down to 1m for up to 30 minutes without affecting performance.

Which Device is Best For You?

With a selection of thermal imaging binoculars already available with varying specifications, which device is best for you all depends on what you need from them and what application you need them for. Check out our range here and compare the specifications tables to help you decide!


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