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Stream Vision Ballistics | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
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An Intuitive New App

Game-Changing Accuracy

The new Stream Vision Ballistics app brings a ballistic calculations tool to your smartphone, connecting easily to a Pulsar riflescope via Bluetooth, or even to traditional day scopes, allowing users to achieve long-range shooting by way of personalised algorithms. These algorithms are applied to provide accurate, flexible, and reliable trajectory corrections and allow the user to create a ballistic profile for their chosen ammunition. Stream Vision Ballistics will create this ammo-specific profile and calculate vertical and horizontal corrections for the connected riflescope.

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Everything you need to know
about getting started with
Stream Vision Ballistics:

Sophisticated Ballistics Algorithm

Stream Vision Ballistics uses precise algorithms to provide accurate ballistic calculations, with multiple parameters used in these calculations to ensure precision and flexibility of use.

Upload Ballistic Profiles

Connects to supported Pulsar devices via Bluetooth, allowing for upload of ballistic profiles; an on-screen indication of the suggested point of aiming is then calculated based upon this uploaded profile.

Fully Customisable

Unlimited Ballistic Profiles Library

An unlimited number of ballistic profiles, along with numerous ammunition configurations, can be created and stored in a library, enabling quick selection when needed via smartphone.

Ammunition Database

A large database of ammunition types covers multiple brands and calibres for use with all types of rifles and for all types of long-range shooting. This database is constantly updated with new ammunition data.

Custom Ammunition

The Stream Vision Ballistics app can be used with custom hand-loaded ammunition, providing accurate calculations and corrections. Requires manual input of unique data such as ballistic coefficient, G-profile, and muzzle velocity.

Graphics & Chart Output Modes

Features various ways of illustrating ballistic data, including graphic mode, which represents the riflescope’s FOV with the selected reticle and ballistic charts with numeric data related to each distance.

Location-Based Correction Calculations

This intuitive new app will download online weather data based on a user’s location and use it to calculate the most accurate corrections needed to match that specific environmental conditions.

Stream Vision Ballistics is Compatible With:

Trail 2 LRF XQ50 (Discontinued)

pulsar trail lrf thermal imaging riflescope render

Trail 2 LRF XQ50A (Discontinued)

pulsar trail lrf thermal imaging riflescope render

Trail 2 LRF XP50 (Discontinued)

pulsar trail lrf thermal imaging riflescope render

Trail 2 LRF XP50A (Discontinued)

pulsar trail lrf thermal imaging riflescope render

Using Stream Vision Ballistics
in the field:

User Manuals:

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