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Security Update X.X.100: Keeping Your Devices Safe | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
Exclusive UK & ROI Pulsar Distributor
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Pulsar’s Security Update x.x.100 introduces major new security measures to protect all current Pulsar devices from the increasing risks of cyber-crime. This update will automatically change your device’s default generic password to a random one, if the password has not already been changed by the user. This will enhance your device’s security, protect our users from cybercriminals, improve the stability of our devices, and ensure current devices comply with new PSTI legislation and IoT (Internet of Things) regulations.

What Happens to Your Password?

Don’t worry, there is no risk of losing your password. Once you have updated your device, the default password will reset and your new, randomised password will be discoverable in the Wi-Fi section of your device’s main menu, wherein you will be able to change it to a user-defined password. If you have already changed the default password before the update, your password will not randomise and will still work.

How to Reconnect to Your Smartphone

Once the update is complete and your password has been reset, please be aware that your smartphone will no longer be connected to your device via Wi-Fi. Please take these few easy steps to reconnect to your device.

1 – Head to your smartphone’s settings and choose to forget the existing Wi-Fi network, as demonstrated below:


2 – Check for the new password in the Wi-Fi settings in the main menu:



3 – Enter your new password in the Wi-Fi section on your smartphone:



4 – Your smartphone and Pulsar device should now be connected through Wi-Fi.


This security update is available for:

  • Telos thermal imaging monoculars
  • Axion 2 thermal imaging monoculars with and without the LRF
  • Axion XM30F thermal imaging monocular
  • Merger LRF thermal imaging binoculars
  • Thermion 2 thermal imaging riflescopes with and without the LRF
  • Thermion Duo DXP50/55 multispectral riflescopes
  • Talion thermal imaging riflescopes
  • Krypton 2 thermal imaging front attachments
  • Digex C50 digital day and night vision riflescope

Update Version by Device:

Axion XM30F 2.0.100
Axion 2 XQ35 Pro 2.2.100
Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro 2.2.100
Axion 2 LRF XG35 2.2.100
Axion 2 XG35 2.2.100
Krypton 2 XQ35 2.2.100
Krypton 2 XG50 2.2.100
Krypton 2 FXQ35 2.2.100
Krypton 2 FXG50 2.2.100
Merger LRF XP50 2.5.100
Merger LRF XL50 2.5.100
Merger LRF XQ35 2.5.100
Merger LRF XP35 2.5.100
Thermion 2 XQ35 Pro 3.3.100
Thermion 2 XP50 Pro 3.3.100
Thermion 2 XQ50 Pro 3.3.100
Thermion 2 XG50 3.3.100
Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro 3.3.100
Thermion 2 LRF XG50 3.3.100
Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro 3.3.100
Thermion 2 LRF XL50 3.3.100
Thermion Duo DXP50 3.3.100
Thermion Duo DXP55 3.3.100
Digex C50 3.3.100
Telos LRF XP50 2.5.100
Telos XP50 2.5.100
Telos LRF XQ35 2.5.100
Telos XQ35 2.5.100
Telos LRF XG50 2.5.100
Telos XG50 2.5.100
Telos LRF XL50 2.5.100
Telos XL50 2.5.100
Talion XG35 3.3.100
Talion XQ35 Pro 3.3.100
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