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All the Latest Pulsar Product Launches from IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
Exclusive UK & ROI Pulsar Distributor
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This March saw Pulsar launch an incredible new array of products at IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 in Nuremburg, German; from upgraded thermal imaging front attachments to new additions in the Merger and Axion 2 series. Plus, the most exciting announcement of from the show: Pulsar’s first ever upgradeable thermal imaging device! Read on for more info…

Introducing Upgradeable Devices

Introducing the Telos, Pulsar’s first ever device capable of technical upgrades. A truly timeless device, the Telos will allow the user to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advancements — whether that’s through more powerful optics, higher resolution sensors and displays, or more efficient and functional parts — adapting to the ever-changing needs of a modern hunter whilst remaining cost effective.

Increased Thermal Sensitivity

Offering astonishing levels of thermal sensitivity through its <18mK NETD, 640×480, 17µm European-made Lynred sensor and powerful 50mm f1.0 germanium objective lens, the Telos LRF XP50 will achieve the highest possible quality, and incredibly detailed and informative thermal imagery, even in adverse and unforgiving weather conditions.

Error Free Assessment

A built-in precision laser rangefinder will allow for quick, error-free distance measurements between the user and an observed object/animal, achieving a 1000m measurement range in single steps or continuous scanning mode.

Comfort & Convenience

Ergonomically designed to remain comfortable over long periods of observation, the Telos LRF XP50 features a rubberised bodyshell; an easily accessible button layout; adjustable hand strap that requires no removal to switch from left- to right-handed orientation; and convenient focus and magnification wheels located at the front of the lens to enable a clear image at any level of magnification.

See it in Action…

Find out more about the Telos LRF XP50

Unveiling the Krypton 2

The Krypton 2 series ushers in the next chapter for the Krypton thermal imaging front attachment. Greatly updated and adapted for the needs of a modern day hunter, the Krypton 2 series features two new front attachments, the FXG50 and FXQ35 both of which are also available as monoculars (XG50 & XQ35). Find out more about each model below.

Krypton 2 FXG50 & XG50

Taking into consideration the difference every single gram can make to a hunter, the Krypton 2 FXG50 has been fully redesigned to offer greater balance between scope and rifle, and features a more compact and lightweight body with redesigned button placement that are easier to reach.

An outstanding 2300m detection range is achieved through an extremely sensitive 640×480, 12µm, <40mK NETD thermal sensor and powerful 50mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens, offering the user the ability to detect an animals heat signature at long range in adverse weather conditions and even through small gaps in dense foliage.

Find out more about the Krypton 2 FXG50

Quick & Easy Transitioning

Switching between day optics and thermal imaging has never been so easy. This thermal imaging front attachment is incredibly simple to install on quick release PSP-B bayonet adaptors thanks to a four-point bayonet system. This system ensures a secure fit whilst remaining easy to remove and replace, and even means the user can switch between adaptors without the need for specialist tools.

From Rifle-Mounted to Handheld

Using the Pulsar 3x20B compact monocular quickly turns the front attachment into a fully-fledged handheld thermal imaging device. This is also available as the Krypton 2 XG50 thermal imaging monocular.

Find out more about the Krypton 2 XG50

Krypton 2 FXQ35 & XQ35

The Krypton 2 FXQ35 will offer a 1300m detection range through its 384×288, 17µm, <25mK NETD thermal sensor and 35mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens. Even more compact than the FXG50, the FXQ35 still boasts a rugged magnesium alloy bodyshell that will protect it from shocks and heavy vibrations.

Find out more about the Krypton 2 FXQ35

Fully-Fledged Thermal Monocular

Once again, the FXQ35 is available as the Krypton 2 XQ35 handheld thermal imaging device, using the Pulsar 3x20B compact monocular to become a fully-fledged thermal imaging spotter.

Find out more about the Krypton 2 XQ35

Extended Battery Life

Each of these four new devices will offer a staggering 11 hours of effective operation on a single charge (depending on temperature) with the quick-change Li-Ion IPS7 battery pack. Perfect for long periods of observation.

Expanding the Merger Series

Even more by way of expansion comes in the form of three new additions to the ever-evolving Merger series: the Merger LRF XL50, a pair of powerful thermal imaging binoculars that offers unparalleled levels of detail regardless of magnification; the Merger LRF XQ35, a more compact and lightweight addition to the range; and the Merger Duo NXP50, a new and exciting pair of multispectral binoculars that offers perfect synergy between thermal imaging and digital night vision. Find out more below.

Merger LRF XL50

The Merger LRF XL50 is the first thermal imaging device to offer such a high-resolution sensor. Fitted with a powerful 1024×768, 12µm, 40mK thermal sensor and 50mm f1.0 objective lens, this device will offer a detection range of up to 2300m. Such an incredibly high-resolution sensor allows this device to achieve crisp and extremely well-defined thermal imagery across its entire 2.5x-20.0x magnification range, offering outstanding identification capabilities regardless of the level of magnification the user has the binoculars set to.

See it in Action…

Find out more about the Merger LRF XL50

Merger LRF XQ35

The Merger LRF XQ35 thermal imaging binoculars will offer incredible levels of thermal detail at a range of up to 1350m thanks to its 384×288, 17µm, <25mK NETD, European-made Lynred sensor and 35mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens. Featuring a new, more compact and lightweight design these thermal binoculars retain the classic aesthetics of a pair of standard daytime binoculars in order to remain familiar in the hand whilst achieving enhanced identification and detection capabilities.

Find out more about the Merger LRF XQ35

Built-In Laser Rangefinding

Both the Merger LRF XL50 and the Merger LRF XQ35 feature a built-in precision laser rangefinder that enables quick and error-free assessments of the distance between user and an observed object at a range of up to 1000m with an accuracy of ±1m. These distance measurements can be gauged in single steps or in continuous scanning mode.

Introducing the Merger Duo NXP50

Another exciting announcement from the stand at IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 revealed the new Merger Duo NXP50, the first pair of multispectral binoculars in the Pulsar range. These binoculars will offer the user the detection capabilities of thermal imaging with the identification capabilities of digital night vision via the perfect synergy between sensitive thermal sensor and powerful CMOS sensor.

Seamless Switching

The Merger Duo NXP50 will allow users to quickly and seamlessly transition between both thermal and digital night vision whilst retaining the classic binocular design that has become synonymous with the Merger name.

More information about the Merger Duo NXP50 will be available on this website soon.

Expanding the XQ Pro Series

Expansion, expansion, expansion is at the forefront with the latest Pulsar product releases, with three more additions to the XQ Pro line: the Talion XQ35 thermal imaging riflescope and the Axion 2 XQ35 Pro and Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro thermal imaging monoculars. Find out more below.

Talion XQ35 Pro

The first Talion model in the XQ Pro series, the Talion XQ35 Pro, features a 384×288, 17 µm thermal sensor, with upgraded thermal sensitivity capabilities of <25mK NETD. Couple this with a powerful 35mm f1.0 germanium objective lens and this device delivers highly detailed, crystal clear thermal imagery at distances reaching up to 1350m. Remaining just as compact and lightweight as previous iterations in the Talion series, the Talion XQ35 Pro is equipped with an APS 5T battery for an uninterrupted effective operation time of up to 9 hours.

Find about more about the Talion XQ35 Pro

Axion 2 XQ35 Pro & Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro

Two new additions to the Axion family, the Axion 2 XQ35 Pro and its LRF counterpart, the Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro each feature 384×288, 17µm, <25mK NETD thermal sensors and 35mm f1.0 germanium objective lenses for impressive detection capabilities that reach up to 1300m.

Designed for Prolonged Observation

Both models offer an extended battery life of up to 11 hours of effective operation before a recharge is needed (depending on temperature), making it the perfect choice for those looking to achieve long periods of comfortable handheld thermal observation.

Guaranteed Comfort

Each new model retains the ergonomic design found in previous iterations, ensuring the user never witnesses any fatigue whilst using the device, especially over long periods of use, and the magnesium alloy bodyshell is as robust as ever, protecting the device from wear whilst working effectively as a heatsink to dissipate any warmth generated by the internal electronics.

Find out more about the Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro

Find out more about the Axion 2 XQ35 Pro

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