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Merger Duo NXP50

Multispectral Binoculars

Thermion 2 LRF XL50

Thermal Imaging Riflescope

Expanding the Telos Series

Six new thermal imaging monoculars

Axion XQ30 Pro

Thermal Imaging Monocular

Merger LRF XP35

Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Telos LRF XL50

Thermal Imaging Monocular

Krypton 2 FXG50

Thermal Imaging Front Attachment

Merger LRF XL50

Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Firmware Update 3.3

Stream Vision Ballistics for Digex C50 and Thermion Duo

Firmware Update 2.5

Introducing new usability features to the Merger LRF series

Firmware Update 3.3

Manual distance input for Thermion 2 LRF models in Stream Vision Ballistics

Firmware Update 3.3

Stream Vision Ballistics now compatible with Non-LRF riflescopes

Firmware Update 2.5

Introducing new comfort and usability features to the Telos series

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The Talion series from Pulsar features the Talion XG35 and the Talion XQ35 Pro, both of which remain the most compact offering in the entire thermal imaging riflescope range. But their size should in no way be an indicator for their performance… Each riflescope features a highly sensitive thermal sensor and a powerful germanium objective lens, achieving detection ranges reaching up to 1750m!

Find out more about the Talion series on our website. See the link in our bio.

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Discover clarity at any range with the Thermion 2 LRF XL50 thermal imaging riflescope from Pulsar. This intuitive riflescope is the first in the range to feature an HD 1024×768, 12µm, <35mK NETD thermal sensor, providing stunning detail and ensuring images retain their exceptional clarity all the way through the riflescopes 1.75-14x magnification range.

The Thermion 2 LRF XL50 also features:

🔵 50mm germanium objective lens
🔵 Wide 14° FOV
🔵 2300m detection range
🔵 Built-in precision laser rangefinder
🔵 Built-in video recording with audio
🔵 Stream Vision 2 compatibility

Find out more on our website. See the link in our bio.

#thermalimaging #thermalhunting #thermalshooting #pulsarvision #thermion2lrfxl50

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The Thermion Duo series consists of the Thermion Duo DXP50 and the Thermion Duo DXP55, two powerful multispectral riflescopes from Pulsar designed to enhance your day- and night-time detection and identification.

Each device features a sensitive thermal sensor and a powerful CMOS sensor, using multichannel technology to provide both incredible detection capabilities and stunning 4K day optics for greater identification opportunities.

Plus, with combined viewing mode and Picture-in-Picture, you’ll even be able to view both channels at the same time, meaning you can closely inspect an object through the thermal channel without losing control of the FOV through the daytime channel (or vice versa).

Find out more on our website. See the link in our bio.

#multispectral #multispectralhunting #thermalimaging #pulsarvision #thermionduo

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The Merger LRF XP35 is the latest and smallest addition to Pulsar’s series of powerful thermal imaging binoculars. Coming in at just 830g, with an incredibly compact bodyshell, these binoculars will remain comfortable in the hand over long periods of observation, and when they are not in use, they’ll fit effortlessly into a pack or even a pocket.


🔵 640×480, 17µm, <25mK NETD
🔵 35mm f1.0 germanium objective lens
🔵 1350m detection range
🔵 Built-in video recording with audio
🔵 Stream Vision 2 connectivity

Visit our website to find out more. See the link in our bio.

#thermalimaging #pulsarvision #mergerlrfxp35 #newproduct

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The Axion XQ30 Pro is the latest entry-level thermal imaging monocular in the Pulsar range, offering the same price point as its predecessor, the Axion XM30F, but an even better performance. This includes:

🔵 A more advanced thermal sensor
🔵 <25mK NETD thermal sensitivity
🔵 A wide 13.3°FOV
🔵 Extended 8 hour battery life

Visit our website at the link in our bio to find out more.

#thermalimaging #pulsarvision #axionxq30pro #newproduct

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The Telos series has expanded, now offering eight different models, each of which features an extremely sensitive thermal sensor and a powerful germanium objective lens for varying thermal performances. Each model has been designed to provide the stunning optics you’ve come to associate with the Pulsar name whilst remaining comfortable, durable, and incredibly lightweight.

So, let’s take a look at the series as a whole, discover what they have to offer by way of thermal performance and digital functions, and we’ll even compare each model in a handy breakdown table to make finding the perfect Telos for your needs as easy as possible.

Find out more at the link in our bio.

#thermalimaging #telos #pulsarvision #discover

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The Axion XQ30 Pro is the latest entry in Pulsar’s range of affordable thermal monoculars. But don’t let its size fool you, this device may be entry-level, but its performance is nothing less than pro-grade!

#thermalimaging #thermalcamera #axion #pulsar #pulsarvision

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The National Shooting Show 2024 is TOMORROW!

As proud sponsors of Gunmakers’ Hall, we’ll be attending all weekend and offering hands-on demonstrations of all the latest thermal imaging, digital night vision, and multispectral from Pulsar, including the all-new Merger Duo NXP50 multispectral binoculars and the incredible Thermion 2 LRF XL50 HD thermal riflescope.

Find out more or book tickets here:

#thermalimaging #nightvision #nss24 #nationalshootingshow #pulsarnv

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The Talion series features two powerful thermal imaging riflescopes designed to remain compact, lightweight, and perfectly balanced when mounted to your rifle. But it’s not just their size that sets them apart…

Check out our latest field comparison as we take both the Talion XQ35 Pro and the Talion XG35 out for a rundown of what each device has to offer.

From price, size, and weight to performance, image quality, and ease of use, we break down each device’s features and provide enough insight for you to make an informed decision when finding the perfect riflescope.

#thermalimaging #thermalhunting #pulsar #pulsarvision #talion

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