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Firmware Update 3.3 for Talion | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
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Stream Vision Ballistics Now Available Across the Entire Pulsar Riflescope Range

The release of Firmware Update 3.3 for the Talion XQ35 Pro, Talion XG35, and Talion XQ38 makes Stream Vision Ballistics available to these compact thermal imaging riflescopes. Now, once you have updated to the latest version, your Talion device will be able to achieve internal ballistic calculations, despite not having a built-in laser rangefinder. All you need to do is manually input the distance to your target and Stream Vision Ballistics will calculate the suggested point of aim.

The release of Firmware Update 3.3 for the Talion series now means that the entire Pulsar riflescope range is now compatible with the Stream Vision Ballistics app, ensuring greater accuracy when shooting — day and night.

Connecting the Talion to Stream Vision Ballistics

To enable Stream Vision Ballistics compatibility on your Talion riflescope, simply download this update via the Stream Vision 2 app. Firmware Update 3.3 activates Bluetooth technology within the Talion, enabling connection to the Stream Vision 2 app. Remember to turn Bluetooth on in the Talion’s main menu and follow these steps:

  • Connect your Talion to the Stream Vision Ballistics app via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Fill in the required date to create up to 10 ballistic profiles in the app.
  • Upload these profiles to your Talion riflescope via Bluetooth.
  • You should now be free to disconnect from the app.
  • Navigate to the Talion’s long menu and select your required ballistic profile.
  • Move over to the Talion’s short menu, scroll to the ballistic option, and manually input the distance to the target by turning the device’s selection wheel (above the eyepiece).
  • Ballistic data will be calculated within the riflescope.
  • The suggested point of aim will be displayed on the Talion’s screen.
  • You are ready to hunt with greater accuracy and confidence!

You can see for yourself how to connect to the Stream Vision Ballistics app in our video explainer below.

Connect to BT Remote Control

Firmware Update 3.3 doesn’t stop at Stream Vision Ballistics. The activation of Bluetooth now allows you to connect Pulsar’s BT Wireless Remote Control, which mimics the riflescopes’ main buttons and functions. The remote control can be stuck to the rifle butt or held in the hand, enabling distraction-free operation in the field and allowing you to keep your eye on the target at all times.

Display Dimming

Firmware Update 3.3 also introduces Display Dimming to the Talion series. Display Dimming significantly improves user comfort, reducing the occurrence of eye fatigue over long periods of observation and even minimising the likelihood of an animals spotting you during night-time observations, as light bleed from the eyepiece is significantly reduced.

This Display Dimming feature can be activated or deactivated via the device’s main menu.

In Brief, Firmware Update 3.3 for Talion:

  • Activates Bluetooth in Talion devices.
  • Enables Ballistic calculations via Stream Vision Ballistics 2.
  • Connects to the Pulsar BT Wireless Remote via Bluetooth.
  • Enables manual distance input for ballistic calculations.
  • Offers 10 custom-named distance profiles.
  • Allows you to change the following SPOA settings:
    – Distance visualisation in the centre of the display.
    – Change the colour of the reticle.
    – Deactivate the SPOA via double click.
    – Auto power-off and tilt indicator moved to general settings.
  • Adds animated zoom for a more smooth and natural zooming experience.
  • Adds variable zoom step for more fluent work with digital zoom.
  • Adds Display Dimming for a more comfortable viewing experience over long periods of observation.
  • Adds auto power-off, saving battery by switching off after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Adds a red auto calibration indicator in the status bar.
  • Updates the battery indicator in the status bar.
  • Adds new languages:
    – Bulgarian
    – Finnish
    – Lithuanian
    – Latvian
    – Ukrainian
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