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Firmware Update 2.5 for Merger LRF Binoculars | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
Exclusive UK & ROI Pulsar Distributor
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Reducing Eye Fatigue with the Pulsar Merger LRF Series

Firmware update 2.5 for the Merger series introduces some important new features designed to enhance an already stellar performance. This update is compatible with the entire Merger LRF line already on the market, and the new Merger LRF XP35 will ship with firmware version 2.5 installed out of the box.

This firmware update is available now and can be installed using the Stream Vision 2 app. See the video at the bottom of this page for a quick guide on how to install firmware updates.

A More Comfortable Observation Experience

With the new display dimming function, you’ll now be able to experience even greater comfort over long periods of observation through the ability to control the brightness of all screen elements. This feature reduces the occurrence of eye fatigue and even minimises the likelihood of an animals spotting you during night-time observations, as light bleed from the eyepieces is significantly reduced.

The brightness control function can be activated or deactivated via the device’s main menu.

Enhanced Power Saving

New power saving features are included in firmware update 2.5 to keep your observations going without you worrying about battery life. This new battery saving option will automatically switch off the device when it has not been used for more than 30 minutes and will ensure no unnecessary battery drain occurs. Just like display dimming, this option can be activated/deactivated in the main menu.

Even More Language Options

Firmware update 2.5 adds new languages to the Merger LRF series, with Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian added to the many languages already available.

Minor Additions

On top of all these intuitive new features, this update also includes a few minor additions, including a red auto calibration indicator in the status bar which displays a countdown to inform you of an upcoming calibration (when in auto calibration mode), along with the addition of a green square to indicate which part of an image is being magnified when using Picture-in-Picture mode.

In Brief, Firmware Update 2.5 for the Merger Series Features:

  • Improved image quality
  • Display dimming for more comfortable observation
  • Battery saving auto-off function
  • Animated zoom for a smoother zooming experience
  • Variable zoom step for more fluent work with digital zoom
  • Red calibration countdown in the status bar
  • Updated battery indicator in the status bar
  • Green box to indicate magnified area in PiP mode
  • New languages added: Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian

Firmware Update 2.5 Applies to:

  • Merger LRF XP50
  • Merger LRF XL50
  • Merger LRF XQ35
  • Merger LRF XP35 (shipped with V3.3 out of the box)


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