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Firmware Update 2.0 | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
Exclusive UK & ROI Pulsar Distributor

What does the update include?

With the Firmware Update 2.0, we have listened to our users and addressed the bugs that were brought to our attention, eliminating them in order to remove the cause of any disturbance and allow for a much smoother operation. This update is now live and available to download through the Stream Vision app. The team at Pulsar would like to thank our users for bringing these issues to our attention, valuable feedback is what allows us to constantly improve our devices.

Upgraded image processing algorithms

Firmware Update 2.0 brings even more detailed and improved thermal imaging accuracy to a selection of thermal imaging monoculars, binoculars, and riflescopes, with upgraded image processing algorithms providing new levels of detail, sharpness, and contrast.

These upgraded algorithms detect and process images, sharpening objects at different distances and rendering a highly informative thermal image. This results in a far clearer display when viewing complex scenes populated with evenly emitting low-contrast objects, such as the sky, grass, or the surface of a body of water, with a wide range of halftones.

Better accuracy for long range detection with three sensitivity levels

Firmware Update 2.0 offers a new feature: a selection of three sensitivity amplification levels — offering better detection and identification capabilities under varying observation conditions. These sensitivity amplification levels are Normal, High, and Ultra (replacing the previously used modes: Rocks, Forest, Identification, etc.), and allow the hunter to adapt with ease in constantly changing weather and environmental conditions, and increasing the accuracy of long-range detection.

In adverse conditions when temperature contrast decreases — such as fog, rain, or in environments with high levels of humidity — users need only increase the amplification level; the combination of the new filtration algorithms with fine brightness and contrast adjustments enables better definition of an animal’s trophy features and ensures a much clearer rendering of objects and background.

Optimised video recording for high-quality content

This firmware update will allow users to preserve their favourite moments captured on their device as high-quality video recordings thanks to a new feature that enables control of video compression, simply by switching the feature on or off. This feature was originally only available on the Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro and Merger LRF XP50 lines, but is now available for more devices (see full list at the end of this article).

ON mode results in faster transfer of smaller files and improves the quality of captured videos when compared to previous iterations of the firmware.

OFF mode turns the compression off and significantly improves the quality and detail of video files. File size is drastically reduced without affecting the quality of the video.

Newly implemented algorithms in this firmware update also enables elimination of sound distortion.

How can I install the Firmware Update 2.0?

Installation of the firmware update is as easy as connecting your device to the Stream Vision 2 app on a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Discover more about Stream Vision 2, including how easy it is to connect to your thermal imaging/digital night vision device, here.

This update is compatible with the following models:

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