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Expanding the Telos Series | Pulsar Vision UK & ROI
Exclusive UK & ROI Pulsar Distributor
A man holds the Telos thermal imager in front of a dramatic mountainscape

The Telos series has expanded, now offering eight different models, each of which features an extremely sensitive thermal sensor and a powerful germanium objective lens for varying thermal performances. Each model has been designed to provide the stunning optics you’ve come to associate with the Pulsar name whilst remaining comfortable, durable, and incredibly lightweight.

So, let’s take a look at the series as a whole, discover what they have to offer by way of thermal performance and digital functions, and we’ll even compare each model in a handy breakdown table to make finding the perfect Telos for your needs as easy as possible.

Each device in the Telos series offers exceptional thermal detection capabilities, but when it comes to thermal sensitivity, the Telos XP50 truly shines through. The first thermal imaging device in the Pulsar range to feature true <18 Mk NETD, the Telos XP50 will achieve immense levels of thermal detail, spotting even the smallest of heat signatures in difficult conditions, including heavy rain and dense fog.

But we don’t want to play favourites; every device in the Telos range delivers a performance that is nothing short of spectacular, making short work of detection in adverse conditions, regardless of your application, whether that’s wildlife observation, birdwatching, ecological surveys, conservation, or… the list goes on. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our compilation of through the lens footage below.

Advanced Image Boost

Featuring Pulsar’s advanced image boost technology, every model in the Telos series uses a set of proprietary image processing algorithms to offer the highest levels of detail, clarity, and contrast; with software used to provide greater detailing and better sharpening of observed objects at varying distances — enhancing their already stunning images.

You can manually increase the device’s thermal sensitivity level to further improve its detection capabilities when environmental conditions worsen, and a smoothing filter and a wide range of brightness and contrast settings will ensure a more comfortable experience over long periods of observation.

The Telos series introduces the first ever upgradeable devices from Pulsar. Designed to remain timeless and offer a convenient, cost-effective way in which to stay ahead of the technological curve, certain components can be upgraded further down the line. Whether that’s by way of a more sensitive thermal sensor, a more powerful objective lens, more efficient and functional electronic parts, or even the ability to add a precision laser rangefinder on certain models.

As with all Pulsar products, comfort and ergonomics are at the forefront of the Telos’s design. To provide the most comfortable observation experience possible, each Telos model features an ambidextrous hand strap to cater to both left- and right-handed users, switching effortlessly from one side of the thermal imager to the other, without needing to remove the hand strap.

A rubberised coating to the bodyshell is used for improved grip in all conditions, guarding against any wear and tear that may occur after prolonged use in varying environments, and protecting it against any water or dust ingress. This allows the device to remain reliably operational in a wide range of extreme temperatures, and even protects it from damage when dropped.

But the comfort doesn’t stop there… Each model in the Telos range is provided with an ergonomic and extremely functional carry case. Designed to remain stylish and comfortable through the optimal positioning of straps, this case will evenly distribute the weight of the device and disperse the load away from your shoulders, back, and neck. This case enables quick access to the device when you are on the move and guarantees it will remain well-protected when it is not in use.

The carry case fits snugly against the body, but will not impede your ability to bend, turn, and crouch freely. Neither will it affect your range of movements when moving across country.

Alternatively, each model is equipped with straps which can be easily attached to a belt, or to a backpack or webbed gear with a modular MOLLE fixation system.

A completely new zoom and focus ring arrangement located on the objective lens achieves a sense of the familiar, allowing you seamlessly focus the device and zoom smoothly through its magnification range simply by turning the rings at the front of the device — just like you would with a traditional camera!

The Telos series also offers wireless charging! The brand-new LPS 7i quick-charge Li-ion battery will provide hours of continuous observation before a recharge is needed, and when it runs out, you needn’t worry about requiring special chargers, as this battery can either be placed on a wireless charging mat or connected to any charging cable with a USB Type-C port.

The fast-charging capability means you won’t be without power for long, and the Telos will be operational again in next to no time.

Compare the Telos Series

With eight devices to choose from, each model will perform in different ways, so it is vital you consider your needs in order to make the correct decision when choosing a device for your specific applications. We’ve broken down some of the most important features and capabilities, so you are more informed before making a purchase. Check it out below.

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